Sunday, 13 July 2014

Taking a Break

We're taking a break BUT ....

one of our number is staying behind. Yes, The Tall One will be looking after house and hamster while we're away. Sooo...I'm wondering, what advice do you have for him? what do you think he needs to remember? You all know me well enough by now to have some idea of what I might have said before I left. Care to take a guess? Or maybe you have a Home Alone story or two? Oh, yes! Let's hear the Home Alone stories! We'll bring back something nice for the best one....

Keep postcard piling while we're gone. If everyone does as promised there'll be no hitches. But do go ahead and email me if you have any questions. I managed to get an extra card out to about half of you at the beginning of the week. More to follow!

Friday, 11 July 2014

Scrapbooking With A Pattern Story

We're so nearly ready to go on holiday here that it's getting more and more difficult to remember exam time. Funny how that happens, because when you're right in the middle of really are right in the middle of it. All a Mum can do is provide snacks and cheery smiles and ramble endlessly about getting fresh air and early nights. Through May and June, on Sunday evenings as Monday mornings grew closer, we got into the habit of piling into the car and going for a distracting drive. You know, out for a bit and home in time for Fargo? 

From High In The Sky scrapbooking with patterns for Get It Scrapped

One night we discovered an icecream shop still open late in the evening; another, we came across a little knot of houses wrapped round a river we didn't know was there; and once, we took photos of cows, because it seemed like fun at the time

So, I made a page. Round about the same time Get It Scrapped asked me for a layout which "pushed my pattern story", made me think about the patterns I turned to most often. That would be neat polka dots, then, and little florals; and so, instead of using one as a background, I chose to chop my patterns up and spread them across my page

Another job for the Slice. And for the veneer animals. I'll be sorry when I've finished the packet, though they do seem to last and last. Patterns, then: what's your story? You can find more ideas over at Get It Scrapped's article How To Push Your Scrapbook Page Pattern Story

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

One Photo & Twenty Words: The Railings

...with the lovely Abi of Creating Paper Dreams. 

A photo I've been long promising myself, from another part of town: the railings Grandpa made himself after the War.

Monday, 7 July 2014

Me On Monday

Another weekend, another week And we'll be heading off on holiday. So today I absolutely, positively have to start my packing....

after an icecream eating, postcard writing, holiday book choosing, garden tidying, heavy duty ironing, loft ladder climbing, suitcase finding, suncream buying, shoe pondering, freezer stocking, football sticker sorting, ticket printing,camera battery checking, hamster catching kind of weekend.

But we aren't leaving for a few days yet, so I hope I'll be able to squeeze in a bit more postcard writing and certainly another post or two; and I'll definitely be around to give you a wave if you'd like to post your own....Me On Monday. Have a great week!

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Scrapbooking with Staged Still Life Photographs

Oh, all this talk of postcards has me dreaming about holidays! Here, we're starting to gather our bits and pieces together for our July journey. For the last week, The (Not So) Small One has been carrying about with her The Big Book Of Florida: a pink exercise book filled with everything she feels she might need to know, and a lot more besides. She has been saving all winter for this trip, and the list - colour coded, cross referenced - of Things I Might Like To Bring Home? It's a long one.

When I was about the age she is now, we went to the seaside for our holiday

and the souvenirs came from shops of the bucket and spade and candy floss kind. Nothing cost very much, or lasted very long. Except for one little token I have kept for all these years in a little china pot beside my bed. It's a copper bracelet with my name stamped on and I told its story for Storytelling Sunday last year. When Get It Scrapped asked for a page using a staged still life photograph it immediately came to mind

I have a year's worth of still life photographs to scrapbook. The writing is done, only the cutting and sticking remains.

With a big block of journaling here I wanted to add interest as I was pulling it together. Maybe it's hard to see in the photo, but I made the background by piecing together lots of punched out postage stamp shapes (from a Martha Stewart postage stamp punch). I thought they looked like Morrocan tiles and gave a nod to the design of my little storage pot. 

The pot became part of my still life photo because the bracelet on its own looked lost. It couldn't tell its story without its home. Maybe that sounds odd? I think that's the thing about a still life, though: it has to have a story to make you take a second look. (And the story it has isn't always the one the photographer intends: I'd be willing to bet my bracelet makes you think of a holiday souvenir of your own). You can find other thoughts on the process over at Get It Scrapped and Ideas For Scrapbook Page Storytelling With Staged Still Life Photos

My tip? If you are using a white background to enhance your photo, make sure it's clean and free from wrinkles. Better than a tablecloth or a sheet? A roll of cheap white drawing paper you can tear off and keep fresh after every picture. 

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