Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Just Guess: Scrapbooking From a Sketch

So , to go along with the chicken egg timer he gave me for my birthday, Little E had also wrapped a very useful tin of paperclips and elastic bands, a Minions multi colour pen (LOVE that), and sent a card. I love you to the moon and back, it said, and he had signed it himself.

But what Little E couldn't have known was that, just a couple of weeks before, I had been working on a page about the very book from which that now famous phrase has been pulled:

From High In The Sky for Get It Scrapped

Guess How Much I Love You has been a favourite here for a long, long time, ever since Uncle Dave heard that he was going to be an uncle and went straight out and bought me a copy. I read it to the baby before he was born (which, I guess, is as good a way as any for a librarian on maternity leave to spend her time), and I read it again after we met him properly, and then of course to his little sister too, after.

In those days we had no idea of the worldwide fame Guess How Much I Love You would go on to achieve. Then, we thought we had found a little gem by a man who lived just down the road, in its first printing, stacked up high in the local bookshop. But it's still selling in thousands, as it should. If you have come across it, you'll know why. If you have yet to enjoy that pleasure - quick, search out someone small and see if they'll share...

This page was made in response to a sketch challenge at Get It Scrapped. The original design is by the hugely talented Corrie Jones, whose pages I admire very much and you can see how it has been interpreted by other Creative Team members (and download a copy of the sketch)  on the Get It Scrapped blog right here. The stamp is by Gossamer Blue, I cut the black letters with my Slice machine and just for a change I chose a soft blue background. Now, how much am I thinking about a bedtime story right now? Just. Guess.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Me On Monday

Hey Monday! I can hardly start this week without first of all giving an extra wave to the Monday-ers who posted while I was away. It was a treat to return to all your news. I so hope I've caught up with everybody.

Here, it's been a great few days: it was the weekend of Uncle Dave's visit.

He's only in town briefly, so we've been making the most of him. And that means it was a vintage fair visiting, second hand bookshop browsing, fish and chip supper kind of a weekend. A Dundee cake munching, holiday story telling, family history tale spinning kind of a weekend.

We looked at rails of vintage 80's checked shirts (and then came home and thought about the ones we used to own). We bought old paperbacks (as much because we liked the covers as anything else). We stood at the Fair, in the old Arts Centre which used to be a school, and looked up at the stairwell, and Uncle Dave said he thought that was called the trombone effect and I should take a picture, so I did. And then we came home and I talked to Little E, to thank him for his gift of an egg timer. It's perfect.

And now it's Monday and there is work to be done. I think I'd rather think back to Me On Monday, two weeks ago, in Norway, where I was spotted. 

Or is that striped? I didn't buy in the end. I was just looking. Honestly.

I've gathered up some links from posts spotted on my return blog reading binge. Give 'em a wave!  Louise, Deb, Ruth, Barbara, Helena, Eileen, Krafty Karen, Mary-Lou, Rinda, Liz, Ladkyis, Fiona, Susanne, Sheena and Alison

and here's to a good start to your week.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Gossamer Blue August Sneaks

Yes: it's still good to be back! I'm catching up as fast as the unpacking will let me. And I did take a small break to eat some cake and blew out a few candles....

.....but I've been scrapbooking too so that I could have some August sneaks ready before the beautiful new Gossamer Blue kits are revealed. I hope you like them.

Yes there are red and blues but there are other soft colours too. They're lovely!

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

A Tour of a Trip in Twenty Photographs

(though maybe not all of them will appear today..)

Well, scrapbook me sideways but it's good to be back. We've had a lovely time; and we're home at just about the right point: you know? that moment when you start thinking a cup of coffee in your own kitchen would be nice? and internet, working, reliable internet..

The Monday before we left I posted the first of my pictures for Rinda's Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt ( no 21: me with a sign) because I couldn't wait any longer to begin. The rest? Let's see if they can tell the story of our trip..

We started out bright and early one Thursday morning (no 18: overloaded vehicle) 

with only minor grumbles from the one who had been left with the pink flowery suitcase. But dads generally do Dad Packing, which doesn't take up a lot of space, so really, what else can he expect? 

It didn't take long (approximately three minutes into our ferry trip) for me to spot no 8: someone plugged into social media. "But Mum: if you post that everyone will think I'm on my phone all the time." You think?

We headed onto the motorway and drove until blood sugar levels got low. Two bags of winegums later and it definitely was time to stop for the night. Just us and a brace or four of travelling policemen. Now there are their bikes, so where are their owners? (no 17 at least two people wearing matching uniforms).

The next day we reached the ship. Our first day at sea had its ups and downs and I mean that in the fullest sense of the phrase. But we're good sailors and we can always find something to do (no 4: people playing a card game. Also note no 5: architectural columns in the background); and the next morning saw us refreshed and ready for a little land action. 

We wandered the streets of the beautiful Norwegian port of Stavanger and along the way I spotted an ornate door knocker (no 2), a satellite dish (no 11 - don't you just wonder if the person who built that house could ever have imagined such a thing?) and, during a gentle spot of shopping, a carousel (no 13)

Back on board and onwards as the scavenger hunt gathered pace...

...but maybe that's enough for one day? I have unpacking to do and many, many pairs of socks to wash. So to end today, here's an out-take:

I thought it was a beautiful body of water (no 20)  or even a panoramic view taken from somewhere high (no 16) but then I realised it's of me but not by me. I got the photographer to send it to me from his phone. His autocorrect changed the title from body of water to body of waster. I'm saying nothing.

With warmest thanks for the have a nice time! messages. We did. Thank you. And now I'm looking forward to finding out what's new round here, and to getting back to waving on a Monday. See you soon. 

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Gossamer Blue July Inspiration Blog Hop

Hello and welcome!  It's the 15th today - halfway through! - and that means it's time for the Gossamer Blue team to offer up some mid month extra inspiration.

The first thing I do when I open a kit is look for some special colour combinations. That was easy with the  July kits : there are lots of beautiful blues, some yellows and reds; but as I moved it all about on my desk I also discovered some sophisticated neutrals

I especially loved that Gossamer Blue cork board paper (Add on 2) and the Main Kit alpha from Ctate paper. I could see lots of options - maybe pair the cork and wood with reds and think about doing a Christmas page? Maybe not. Or with the leaf greens? No: I'll keep that in mind for the end of the summer.

Instead I went back to that cork and gradually started adding more colour...

SianF for Gossamer Blue

.....and in the end I started loving the colours so much that I even got out some paint and dip dyed those neutral alphas...

so that they picked out the blue in the stunning Crate Paper feather pattern. I have plenty of letters left to try the same technique with a different shade.

That's it for this month. See you next time? Now click on a name to hop round and check out the inspiration from the rest of the team. You're sure to find something to get you summer scrapbooking.

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Katie Ehmann Kellie Winnell Kelly Xenos Michelle Wedertz Patricia Roebuck Rebecca Luminarias Sandra Dietrich Sian Fair - you are here!
Stephanie Buice

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