Thursday, 22 January 2015

Pile Of Postcards: Update

It's a crisp, bright Thursday morning here, and our postman has just arrived unusually early. So I'm taking that as a sign that it's time to get going on pulling together all the addresses and making up the lists for the Pile Of Postcards Valentine Exchange

I have 51 names - even more than the last time! - and that means we have eight groups of six and enough for a ninth if I shuffle myself into more than one group OR if another couple of you get in touch. So, if you are on the fence, come and join us! We've got a great international group - you never know where your postcards might appear from. I'm going to work on the lists tonight...

...and I'll be sending them out next week. It'll be quiet here, I think, for the next few days. With The (Not So) Small One away, her Dad and I have plans. Maybe a road trip? It'll be our first, just the two of us, in twenty years. We don't know where we're going, we think we'll just drive. See you soon. 

Monday, 19 January 2015

Me On Monday

It was a list making, passport finding, money changing, thermal vest checking, last preparations kind of weekend. Because she's off to Romania next Saturday.

We went out to buy a final few toys and bits and pieces for her to slip into her suitcase and pass out to the children she meets when she gets there. We shopped from the list - warm gloves, colouring pencils, teddy bears, little toy cars - and on Sunday morning, as we were sorting what we had, the phone rang:

"Hello Auntie Sian," said a small, clear voice. "I have some very important questions to ask you for my homework. They're about TOYS FROM THE PAST. Are you ready?"

"Hi Little E," I said. "Fire away. I'm all ears."

"Why did you say that thing about ears? Here are my questions:"

and he asked me about my favourite toy when I was little, and whether I still had it, and I told him about my dollshouse and how it was still on my shelf, and then I heard his mum in the background, telling him to ask me who made the dollshouse. My Grandpa made it, I told him, for your Granny when she was a little girl, and it's nearly eighty years old.

"You know what, Auntie Sian?" Little E said. "You know what? I think that's really pretty awesome.."

And he's right. It is pretty awesome. I had been looking at our collection of things and hoping it was enough, knowing it'll never be enough.Little E brought a child's voice back into our plans. Know what I mean? I'm glad he phoned to talk about toys.

So Me On Monday? Running out to the shops for some final suitcase extras, and finding some time to work on Little E's blanket, with love.

Last week Becky, Deb, Helena, Alison, Ladkyis, Rinda, Jane, Karen, Rachel and Susanne all gave us a wave and a peep into their Monday. Go on, give them a wave back! Happy Monday.

Friday, 16 January 2015

Scrapbooking What January Means to Me

**POSTCARD UPDATE FIRST**  Hurray! There are over 30 of us signed up so far. But of course we have room for more. Please see my previous post (It's Back!Pile Of Postcards Valentine Exchange) for further details..

And now on to this month we're in. January: what does it mean to you?

I'm thinking:

- That low afternoon half light, which promises but doesn't deliver. That makes me delighted to turn on my daylight bulb.

- A hope for snow, which I keep to myself most of the time because I know it's not to everyone's taste.

- Pine needles in the carpet and a vacuum cleaner smelling of fresh forest air every time its turned on. At least until the bag is changed.

- The lure of the new dress. My sister and I usually buy each other clothes for Christmas. So I put on my new denim tunic, full of optimism that I'll feel great every time I wear it, all year.

- Finding room for things. Shifting stuff around.

- Shops full of exercise clothes. Have you noticed that? Racks and racks of lycra to catch us in our determination that this will be the year. I'm sorted, thanks. "Mum," she said, when I opened my gift of some new Pilates leggings, "I couldn't bear to see you go out in those baggy blue trousers one more time."

- The kind of cooking I like. Slow cooker stews, casseroles roasts.Get them ready early, put them in the oven and forget about them and everyone thinks you have thoughtfully spent time on a special warming comfort dish.

- New books by the side of the bed.

- Talk of Summer holidays. We talk, but we never book anything this early. When I was little I used to read the adverts in the Christmas Radio Times, and dream of going somewhere far away. Even the Isle of Man would have worked for me. Pretty exotic really, from where I was standing (which in those days was probably a cold, wet netball pitch on a Friday afternoon. Some things about my younger January I don't miss at all)

How about you? January: yes or no?

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

It's Back! Pile Of Postcards: Valentine Exchange

Well, would you believe it? It's January 14th already! That means we only have a month, so we'd better get our stamps on if we're going to organise a Pile Of Postcards Valentine Exchange. Would you be interested?

Pike Of Postcards Valentine Exchange

I do hope so. The original Pile Of Postcards Exchange last summer was a lot of fun so of course it wasn't long before I started thinking about a good time to do it all over again. Round about now feels good to me. How about sending a little extra love round the world this February?

Now, I know Valentine's Day can be a pretty inclusive affair, with lots of cards, in some places; but, round here, we have a tradition of sending only a single card, to our one true love. For that reason I'm not going to suggest we send traditional Valentine cards. How about, instead, a postcard with a picture of something you love? Your favourite view, perhaps, or a painting you like, or a special quote? You get the idea. I hope you'll join us!

We'll do it the same way we did it before. Everyone will get a list of six names and addresses to post to and in return will receive cards from each of six surprise senders. I'm making one change in that I'll add blog addresses (if you have one - absolutely not essential) to the list, to make it easier to keep in touch and say thank you.

So, timing, let's think: if I keep sign ups open for a week, that takes us to 21st January , then another week for me to sort and send the lists (though it probably won't take that long)...that'll give us a couple of weeks to pick out and post our cards before 14th February 

Sooo..if you'd like to join in, please email me at the link in my sidebar. If you know I already have your address and blog details, great, don't bother adding those; but if this is your first swap (and you are very welcome if it is!) please do make sure I have all your information. I'd appreciate a FB "like" or a "follow" here, so that I know who you are and how I can find you. This is an international swap, so do keep in mind that you'll have a mix of places to send to and be willing to adjust your posting schedule accordingly. We want as many cards as we can manage to land on or around Valentine's Day.  All cards must be posted by 12th February .If you joined in last summer I'll try to make sure you find some new names on your list this time round. Newcomers, please jump in! I'd love some new names for the list!

Any questions at all, please get in touch. For now, have a think about choosing six postcards to send. What do you love?

Monday, 12 January 2015

Me On Monday

It was a taking a trip to the airport, saying cheerio and don't forget to work hard, play hard this term kind of weekend. A looking forward to April already, just think you'll be twenty the next time we see you weekend. 

And so it was also, I have to admit, a bit of a comfort food eating and calming crochet weekend, too.

I love to see him going off to do something he enjoys so much. Learning the Law suits him just fine. But he's easy to be around, you know? We like the same stuff.

Mmm..crochet, crochet, crochet. Hook, hook, hook. Very soothing. Two weeks ago I'd had enough of tiny Granny Squares for the moment, so I went large again, with a big Granny square made from remnants of that first ever crochet blanket I worked on last Spring. That's the bigger, heavier, striped one in the photos. Now, to match, there is a lighter, easier to carry around and then throw over the back of the sofa Granny blanket. I didn't have to buy anything for it: it's leftovers of the Stylecraft Double Knitting from the original. Two for the price of one. I'm so sold on the idea of crocheting round and round, choosing colours as I go. Two weeks this one took! Two weeks! Next up? An all purpose camping, picnicking, hiding under special blanket for Little E. 

I'll order the wool straight after lunch:

A magazine and a nice bowl of soup

That'll put off my afternoon of paperwork for just a little bit longer..

Have a great week! And if you feel like sharing your Monday, then, please, give us a wave. Last week Helena, Becky, Alison, Fiona, Barbara, Jane, Cheri, Deb, Ladkyis, Ruth and Liz all Mondayed along. Hope you have a good one.
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