Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Not Black and White: Scrapbooking With Contour Lines

Contour lines on a scrapbooking page? Now there's an intriguing idea. I've seen plenty of map papers with contours printed on them..

...but using them as a motif

From High in the Sky: Scrapbooking with contour lines for Get It Scrapped

the way I've been spotting them appearing on clothes this year? That's a different proposition.

When Get It Scrapped first suggested contour lines as a possible design motif I began with a story. I usually do. This story takes me back to my First Form Geography lessons (remember those?) it was cold and bleak outside, January, but indoors we were learning a little bit of magic. How to take a slip of paper, lay it across the map, mark the contours and transfer them to a sort of graph so that if we joined the dots the shape of the mountain revealed itself one ledge at a time. I loved to do that. I loved it so much that once, when our school was closed, I spent almost an entire day tucked away in the corner of my Mum's classroom feverishly making mountains.

So, I had a story - maybe more than one - but the more I thought about it, the more I realised that if I made that page, with that story and those lines, I'd probably end up over contoured. That's like  over catered, but with fewer nice sandwiches.

I went in a different direction altogether. And not even with the use of a map. I thought about other ways of incorporating lines on a page and journaling seemed like a plan: something with a bit of fun, so that skewed lines and wiggly shapes didn't seem out of place. And, let's be honest, skewed lines and wiggly shapes are pretty much a must have..

...on a page about ageing eyesight.

Paper is by Pinkfresh (love it!). Other contour line ideas ready and waiting at Get It Scrapped. Now I'm off to find some paper. I'm going to draw me an Everest.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Me On Monday

It was most definitely a heads-down, projects-in-progress kind of a weekend. And with very few people taking the Bank Holiday here, it's more of the same today. We are all in the midst of Big Things

No; not the socks. The socks are for knitting in front of the tv, in the evenings, with my feet up. Though I am in the middle of that first blue pair (ribbed leg, lighter blue toe, "eye of partridge" heel) and I've been spurred on by the sight of the second pair, which, as you can see, have actually been worn.

So, feet up?

Not right now. One of us is halfway through her exams, so it was a weekend of History, with a bit of Biology in the mix too. One of us is painting and papering in every spare moment, so we have a house ready to be rented as soon as possible (to avoid a long "void". Long voids aren't good). And I've avoided the papering, so that I can cut paper and stick it, for a new opportunity I was offered recently. I made four pages this weekend! 

No photos of those yet. I've made a couple of things for gifts, too, and I can't photograph those either. But with any luck I'll have the camera out later in the week. We have plenty to look forward to over the next few days: a real life visit from a blog friend! an end of term dance show, the return of our fourth in number (he's home for the summer in less than a week!). Just need to get a few things finished up first.

Whatever you are up to this Monday - Bank Holiday or not - I hope you get a chance to put your feet up for a bit, do something nice, something just for you. Have a good one.

Last week Susanne, Jane, Ruth, Deb, Helena, Melissa, Krafty Karen, Eileen, Fiona, Sheena, Liz, Ladkyis, Barbara, Alison and Cheri all gave us a wave. Go on, go wish 'em a great start this Monday.

Oh, and before I go? Craig the hamster says thanks for the good wishes. He's hanging in there.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

That Year: Scrapbooking a List Holiday Style

I'm loving a list (or two or maybe three) today. Because even though I'm a firm believer in the power of words on a scrapbook page, I'm still quite sure they don't have to be grand ones..

From High in the Sky; Scrapbooking in a List for Get It Scrapped

..there are no prizes for literary composition when scrapbooking. But if someone finds your album on a shelf, reaches up a hand and pulls it out, maybe even blows the dust away before cracking it open, think: what would you wish she might find? Something she didn't know already. News,, history, facts. You can provide all of that with a list. Doesn't have to be fancy, doesn't have to be long: a list will still pack a punch because lists give good gossip. They can offer rich detail, quickly.

That's why my holiday notebook every year (and actually it is the same notebook, every year for the past four. It's a fat one)usually holds lists and very little else.

When Get It Scrapped asked for a layout with a list I knew where to turn, straight to the red hardbacked two-in-a-pack-from-Tescos notebook I pull out of my rucksack every night while I'm away. My lists aren't startlingly original, I haven't spent hours creating curious titles. They are simple, basic, because it's in that stripped back simplicity that we can find how should I put it? - that we can find the way it happened. The picture of how we were living at any given moment, any day we care to choose. That's why I write What I Wore, What I Read, What I Ate, What I Watched. Brought together, they start to build a bigger picture.

And it's a bigger picture with options. Each one of these lists on its own could have been turned into page: together, there's the basis of an album, right there. Between the pages about the places we see, I like to add the pages which remind us who we were, when we were there.

There are plenty more ideas for ways to use lists in scrapbooking over at Get It Scrapped

Monday, 18 May 2015

Me On Monday

It was a socks or sandals kind of a weekend: "shooting and shining" as we say here; and it's pretty much the same today:

I hate cold feet..maybe I'll stick with boots..

Sunny one minute, raining the next. BUT maybe that means there'll be a rainbow somewhere today?

It certainly felt like a multi coloured weekend

A craft market visiting, batch of ragu sauce making, raspberry ruffle ice cream eating, board game playing weekend. (I was sorry to have missed the NSPCC's Really Big Board Game Day fundraiser on Friday. I'll be looking out for it next year.)

And a surprise email receiving, new sock pattern finding weekend. HINT: if you live with an accountant never shout either (a) Oh, no! there are new VAT rules about downloading PDF's if you live in Europe! or (b) I don't believe it! I've just been charged customs duty! on a Sunday morning if you don't want to listen to expansive views on the intricacies of import duty. Because you don't, do you? Thought not.

But it was also a sick hamster nursing weekend. And you have to love a man who is in the petshop asking for special soft hamster biscuits by 9am on a Saturday morning. Then he came home and cut the sleeve off one of his sweaters, to wrap round Craig in case he was cold. 

And, finally, one of the best bits of all: it was a lovely parcel opening weekend. Thank you Fiona! A special zippy pouch with houses on? Maybe too nice to keep things least for now. I'll just prop it up and admire it, for the rest of the week.

Last week Karen, Melissa, Helena, Fiona, Sheena, Deb, Susanne, Eileen, Ruth, Cheri, Ladkyis, Alison, Liz all gave us a wave and wished us a Happy Monday. Go on, wish 'em a good one! And have a great one yourself. Let me know what the week has in store.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Measure By Measure

Once I stood at the school door until out came a little girl carrying a painting in one hand and a lunchbox in the other. And she looked up at me and took my hand and we went home.

Except that it wasn't once, of course, it was every day for a year, until she decided that I should wait beside the car because she was big enough to walk over to me on her own. And that was the first measure. 

A year later the parking spaces were moved; but now she was big enough to appear round the corner and come down the path, out through the little gate all by herself: straight and tall as you like, with her ballerina feet turned out and her fleecy hat perched on the top of her head. That was the second measure.

Then she moved to Big School and though she wanted to walk all the way, I picked her up along the route, at the start at least, and in that compromise I found the third measure. For in Going Home Time a growing independence can be gauged, and accepted. For a little while her big brother drove her - and that was a milestone I remember measuring for myself, that was a big one, all those years ago - but now she walks again, all the way, to see and be seen (and I remember that one too), and to work those dancer's legs. One more year of walking and we'll have reached the end of the tape.

But I have a new one: a new way of watching how she grows. At her party last week I discovered the pleasure of taking a step backwards as she moved forwards. I stood behind her as she opened the door to find her friends waiting for her, and I looked over her shoulder at their welcoming faces, and that felt good. I hovered behind the shoulders of her friends too, watching them queue up to hug her and shout and shriek and that seemed right. I even took a photo of their backs in focus and of the hugging way in the background, because it was a good moment, to know that slipping away felt like the natural thing to do. As parties go, this one had a little of everything.

So I made a page.

Details, Details

What I was thinking as I cut and stuck:

1. Thinking about white space and picking out the colours from the photos, considering the Simple Stories I Am chipboard and

2. rejecting the heavier, darker letters, which are lovely and do pick out her leather jacket, but which draw too much emphasis to the bottom of the page and away from the main action.

3. The party banner was too hard to resist, plus it gives little flashes of extra colour which I then picked out with the MME enamel dots.

4. I took away the chipboard butterfly - too heavy again, and in the final version added a little wood veneer bird as a "flying" motif and some red at the bottom, for good cheer. The polka dot silhouette has been in my scraps basket for about two years. There is a large white "&" there too, which is a little hard to see in the picture. Finally I added some black ink drops because they always help to hold the eye on everything else on the page. Finished.
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