Wednesday, 2 September 2015

September at Gossamer Blue

September, come on in! You are my favourite month (though don't tell October..) I love your promise, your offer of a fresh start: if I thought I could find a use for a new pencilcase and a stack of unopened notebooks, I'd be there.

Actually, I do have one new notebook. A polka dot covered Fancy Pants one, which came in my Bits and Pieces kit from Gossamer Blue. I'm still deciding how to make the most of it; but I do have two new pages today, made with my favourite pieces from the beautiful September kits FOUND HERE.

The first is about a little set of crocheted bracelets I made a couple of weeks ago, with instructions from this month's Mollie Makes magazine.

From High In The Sky for Gossamer Blue

I've been meaning to have a go at these for ages. I even had grand plans to make dozens as a fundraiser, back in January. But it has taken me until now to discover how quick and easy they make up.

To make my page I hand cut the balloons from a Pinkfresh Stdio patterned paper in Add On #1 and tied them at the bottom with a piece of black velvet ribbon, just so that little Crate Paper chipboard bird would have somewhere to rest.

But I wasn't finished with that piece of patterned paper. I couldn't leave it alone! So I turned the rest of it into another, 8.5x11 layout by laying the bit from which I'd cut the balloons over another pattern and covering the join with a little blue Pinkfresh puffy sticker.

From High In The Sky for Gossamer Blue

We've been colouring here: not patterns or flowers or enchanted forests, but houses, in a book full of city pictures.

It's almost as much fun as cutting and sticking. Almost! It's hard to beat pretty pre patterned paper. From Gossamer Blue.

Monday, 31 August 2015

Me on Monday

Me on Monday? Here I am!

We took an impromptu roadtrip and we've just got back. We only have a couple of weeks left until we say goodbye to our student again, so we grabbed a chance today to suggest an outing, and everyone said yes so we got in the car and drove. We ended up at a rather fancy Outlet Village. As the boys looked at new suits, I crept away and was eventually discovered searching out something old right beside the shops. It was a good day out.

And the weekend? It was a world fair kind of a Sunday, as we visited the Mela 

 to enjoy the music, the costumes, the food ..

...and the crafts

It was a grand way to spend an afternoon in the park..

...and all that colour has me looking out for more. I hope your week is a colourful one, in the very nicest of ways! Have a good one.

Last week Helena, Alison, Deb, Louise, Sandra, Eileen, Mary-Lou, Ladkyis, Michelle, Barbara, Karen, Fiona, Liz, Julia, Sheena and Alexa all gave us a Monday wave. I'm waving right back! Won't you join me?

Saturday, 29 August 2015

To Cluster? Or Not to Cluster?

Today it's my turn on the Gossamer Blue blog, and you'll find me here talking a little about how I chose the embellishments for this new page:

From High In The Sky for Gossamer BLue

and for this one:

From High In The Sky for Gossamer Blue

using diecuts and ephemera pieces from the August kits.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

September Sneaks from Gossamer Blue

I have some sneaks today from my pages with the upcoming Gossamer Blue September kits. The colours this month are so lovely! We're all agreed on that here. I wasn't the only one oohing and aahing when I opened the box:

There are the new season's collections to enjoy...hint... I WONDER what else I'll make?

Monday, 24 August 2015

Me On Monday

Me on Monday? I'm looking back to Sunday and a much happier weekend than of late. With Granny home from hospital we were able to stay in one place and open the door to welcome my blogging friend, Alexa:

No, wait: there's a more smiley picture here:

And did I say blogging friend? She's much more than that. I met Alexa through a scrapbooking forum before either of us ever thought of beginning to blog - would it be maybe seven years ago now? - and her friendship ever since has been a constant source of delight. She is one of the nicest, most intuitively kind, outrageously talented people I know. And she has twinkly eyes. Her blog, Trimming the Sails, is here and it's stuffed with beautiful, chic scrapbook pages, photography, digital templates, thoughtful writing..)

Alexa was in town on a mission to catch up with family and friends, so we were delighted that she was able to find us and spend a very happy hour sitting round our kitchen table. It definitely wasn't long enough! Come back soon Alexa!

So, a we really do need to tidy up before she gets here weekend. A let's write her a card weekend. "Granny's on the phone again, Mum, you can tell she's feeling better" weekend. A Little E: is that you with the hole where your tooth used to be weekend? A no time for a driving lesson weekend. A trip to see the Youth Orchestra weekend. A back to normal weekend. With added Alexa. A good one.

Last week Becky, Sandra, Helena, Deb, Barbara, Gail, Susanne, Mary-Lou, Karen, Ladkyis, Julia, FionaSheenaJo and Louise gave us a wave, wished us a good Monday and shared a bit about how they were ready for the week ahead. And now it's time to do it all over again. I hope you find something nice along the way.

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