Thursday, 31 July 2014

Rinda's 2014 Summertime Scavenger Hunt

Once there was a family who took a holiday in Orlando. When they were there, they pulled out their Big Book Of Florida, which held everything they needed to know (and a lot more besides), and they flipped to the page headed Summertime Scavenger Hunt and they started to tick things off the list.

They found an urban street scene

which isn't quite what it seems: it's all a fake, at Universal Studios. The girl in the corner, ticking off the list? Had to keep her in because she coordinates.

A rack of postcards turned up eventually, in the book shop at Seuss Landing:

and then they didn't have to look too far to find a lamp post:

The next day they were up bright and early for a trip to Animal Kingdom. But it was hot and they weren't really feeling it, until suddenly a flock of parrots appeared above their heads. That little show was enough to persuade them to buy a cold drink and stay in the park and see what else there was to see, which turned out to be a lot.And parrots perched up high? Almost birds on a wire..

The day after that they headed straight for Magic Kingdom because they knew if they waited long enough they would see a parade

but they also managed to find a slightly different kind of juggler

before heading back to their apartment when the rain came on. A photo of me with something representing the season? It was always going to be my raincoat, but I thought I'd be posing for this one outside my own front door. Just goes to show what you can learn when you go on holiday. And oh look, I got photo bombed by a waterfall. No? You're sure? Alright, I'll keep looking....

With huge thanks again this year to Rinda for organising the hunt and adding an extra dimension to so many summers across the globe. 

Monday, 28 July 2014

Me On Monday

It was a getting over the jetlag, lying on the sofa, reading the paper, watching the Commonwealth Games kind of weekend here. Honestly, we did very little apart from stare at the pile of holiday ironing and decide to leave it for another Monday morning has arrived and I'm starting on the final clearing up tasks. The suitcases are going back to the attic, the souvenirs are being safely tucked away

and that's why today's photo has me making my way High In The Sky with the few craft supplies I brought home from Florida.. We found a Michaels store to browse in, but all it had to tempt me was a packet of white card, some folders and some extremely well priced glue. Fabric stiffener and Tacky Glue were half the price we pay here. I love Tacky Glue! But, for today at least, I'll have to set it up on the shelf and admire it and then comeback downstairs for some proper work. Maybe tomorrow..

Again, thanks to everyone who kept "Monday-ing" while I was away. Anyone waving today? 

Oh, and before I go today, I did promise a prize for a comment on the what-should-The-Tall-One do while we're away post. Lizzie Hill drop me your address please. It's you!

Hope this week is a good one.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Orlando Or Bust

....and all of a sudden, after all the planning, all the considering, all the writing in the Big Book Of Florida, we've been there, done that. We're home again. And any one of you who knows anything about Orlando is already saying - they haven't really done it, not in one trip. And that would be right. It feels like we only ran a fingernail over the surface and scratched away a little of the top layer. It's a big place. A different kind of holiday for us - less of the history, more of the hysteria - bigger, brighter, faster, hotter, a surprise round every corner. It was a holiday full of discoveries.

- we realised, to our delight, that the brand new Diagon Alley attraction at Universal studios wasn't nearly as busy as we'd been expecting. We'd been planning on avoiding the queues by giving it a miss, to be honest, but we got lucky with our timing, and loved it.

here we are with the Knight Bus and its conductor, Stan Shunpike. The talking Head actually talks: as I stood there he shouted "look at that lovely red hair". Could have been worse. Could have been look at those roots..

- I found out that Animal Kingdom is best enjoyed while wearing a pair of giraffe ears

and that, even in a theme park, I can find something to read

This is only the first of my Seuss photos. Of course I loved it. Of course I have more.

- We were surprised by the rain. We'd been told to prepare for it, but, honestly it rains at home all the time. We thought we knew about rain. Ha! Turns out we are amateurs. Orlando rain is a-mazing: very hot, very wet and with lots of very exciting thunder.

But my favourite surprise of all? 

Told you I loved Seuss. All of these pictures, except the first, were snapped by The (Not So) Small One who was cleverly using her phone to get right to the moment while I tried to get my camera out of my bag..

It's good to be back! I've been catching up with what has been happening in the blogging world just as fast as I can - it's such a pleasure to see lots of pictures of the postcards pile up! - and I'll be around again on Monday for "Me on Monday", with thanks to everyone who kept it going while I was away. Talk soon?

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Taking a Break

We're taking a break BUT ....

one of our number is staying behind. Yes, The Tall One will be looking after house and hamster while we're away. Sooo...I'm wondering, what advice do you have for him? what do you think he needs to remember? You all know me well enough by now to have some idea of what I might have said before I left. Care to take a guess? Or maybe you have a Home Alone story or two? Oh, yes! Let's hear the Home Alone stories! We'll bring back something nice for the best one....

Keep postcard piling while we're gone. If everyone does as promised there'll be no hitches. But do go ahead and email me if you have any questions. I managed to get an extra card out to about half of you at the beginning of the week. More to follow!

Friday, 11 July 2014

Scrapbooking With A Pattern Story

We're so nearly ready to go on holiday here that it's getting more and more difficult to remember exam time. Funny how that happens, because when you're right in the middle of really are right in the middle of it. All a Mum can do is provide snacks and cheery smiles and ramble endlessly about getting fresh air and early nights. Through May and June, on Sunday evenings as Monday mornings grew closer, we got into the habit of piling into the car and going for a distracting drive. You know, out for a bit and home in time for Fargo? 

From High In The Sky scrapbooking with patterns for Get It Scrapped

One night we discovered an icecream shop still open late in the evening; another, we came across a little knot of houses wrapped round a river we didn't know was there; and once, we took photos of cows, because it seemed like fun at the time

So, I made a page. Round about the same time Get It Scrapped asked me for a layout which "pushed my pattern story", made me think about the patterns I turned to most often. That would be neat polka dots, then, and little florals; and so, instead of using one as a background, I chose to chop my patterns up and spread them across my page

Another job for the Slice. And for the veneer animals. I'll be sorry when I've finished the packet, though they do seem to last and last. Patterns, then: what's your story? You can find more ideas over at Get It Scrapped's article How To Push Your Scrapbook Page Pattern Story
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