Monday, 22 September 2014

Me On Monday (and a Winner)

It was a fundraisng coffee morning, new floor choosing, work experience organising, pulled beef in the slow cooker trying, Christmas gift catalogue perusing (well, if they send them , you gotta look, right?), birthday present ordering, leaf raking, old boots in the back of the cupboard finding, cough medicine swigging kind of weekend

The late summer sunshine is getting lower and lower in the sky, and it's all the more beautiful for it. It was a fading, leaf fluttering, scuffed up, slightly battered weekend, but in a good way, mostly. Because here's my observation of the week: some days I wake up and look at everything around me and think - argh, it's all worn out and needs changing and replacing (and those days I'm often full of zip and wanting to get things done) and some days I look around and I'm more than happy with the old and the worn in and the comfortable. And actually the comfortable days are best because sometimes you don't need to get a lot done or go looking for the new to have a good time. I found some ancient cowboy boots in the back of my cupboard and I pulled out an old, old soft brown leather bag and I read my book for the Laura Ingalls Wilder class starting today and I sipped my cough medicine in the bottle which looks like a bought it from the back of a wagon and it was all even more cowboy than last weekend's check shirt and moustache. There has to be a layout in that.

Have a great week! And if you'd like, please do give me a Monday wave. Last week Alexa and Alison and DebFiona and Liz and Ruth and Theresa all joined in. Thank you!

Before I go today I need to announce the winner of the class pass for May Flaum's Supplies in Hand class. And the winner is.....

Elizabeth who said "ooh, ahh, hmm. Stamps or sprays!! So hard to decide.. I guess stamps win out.. maybe ;)
Thanks for the chance to win"

Elizabeth please email me and I'll pass your details on to May. I'm looking forward to meeting you in class.

Friday, 19 September 2014

A Little Colour

I've got a quirky, quick story about coincidences today. Don't you just love it when you can say - isn't the world a small place? or how did that happen? There are no photos to go with this story - because asking for a picture would just have been too weird - so what say I completely disregard that blogging convention thing which says one subject, relevant pictures etc etc, and show you some of the other things colouring up my world as I talk? Because it all brightened my day, yesterday.

vintage wooden display tray
Playing about with my new colour display. A wooden tray bought from a pop up salvage shop. It came from a local branch library and was clearly meant for me..

So, there I was in the queue in Tescos. I had quite a load of stuff all piled up on the belt ready to go, most probably because I'd made a half hearted attempt to do a big shop last week, and the week before; but I'd bailed half way through and now I guess you could say the turkeys were coming home to roost. Except we were having chicken. 

washi tape
The old sellotaped labels will fall off eventually I suppose, but I couldn't bear to take them off myself

Anyway, I noticed that the girl who had just joined the line behind me had only one item in her basket and that item was a stick on heat patch. Nobody wants to stand in a queue when the only thing they need to buy is a stick on patch, so I asked her if she wanted to go in front of me, and she thanked me, very politely, and she paid and  she left.

Cath kidston inspired crochet
The colour I work on in the evenings: progress on my Cath Kidston inspired crochet

Fasr forward several hours and I'm out on an entirely different errand. Different part of town, miles away from Tescos. I'm in the Health Centre and I realise the lift door is about to close. I hit the button, hard, but it's okay because the person inside the lift sees me and kindly hits the doors open button too and I have time to jump in. So I do, jump in, and I look up to thank that button presser...

cath kidston inspired crochet

....and, okay, I guess you're ahead of me - it was the same girl! The very same one, from the queue in Tesco! And we recognise each other and we laugh and suddenly being in the Health Centre doesn't seem so bad after all (though I don't have anything requiring a heat patch. I hope she's alright..). And we had each done the other a favour, two complete strangers on the same day in two different places in the same town, though we might never, ever cross paths again. How did that happen?

dolly mixtures
My favourite colours at the moment: Dolly Mixtures, which I eat as I make the dinner. Though, they don't seem as colourful as they used to.The brown ones are my favourites, closely followed by orange.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The target was Target: a Page For Jot 7

The target was Target. No doubt about it. She'd paged through her brochure collection, she'd begged me to buy a guidebook, she'd made a note of everything - everything - which needed her attention just as soon as she'd arrived. BUT, once the tickets were booked, it was obvious she had one seriously big goal in mind. And that was Target, that discount wonderland, that distant dream.

Sian Fair for Jot Magazine

It was right there on the very first page of The (Not So) Small One's Big Book Of Florida: noted under Shops I Want To Visit (also Walmart, Barnes and Noble and anywhere with an extensive confectionery aisle), cross referenced with Things I Might Buy - oh so many things, just little ones, but nothing costs very much and if you save hard and arm yourself with some luggage scales from the Pound Shop you can do some hard hitting bargain hunting damage, right?

But maybe I should let her tell her own story:

Orlando, Florida. It just screams magic. I mean, you've got walt Disney World, Harry Potter, the list of theme parks and attractions all claiming the title of "most magical place" goes on...To me, howver, it is Super target which is pure magic. This glorious haven of notebooks and candy is all I need> From water bottles to clothes, groceries to bicycles, it has it all with the added American novelty and a Starbucks on your way to the exit. In my opinion nothing can beat it..

That's the story she told when I asked for one. for a page. I had been pulling together some ideas for Jot 7 (OUT NOW): a scrapbooking bucket list, things, scrapbooking wise, to try at least once in your scrapbooking life. You can find them in Jot 7 (OUT NOW). I chose one and practised what I preached by using someone's else's journaling. And I discovered how freeing it can be! For once I wasn't thinking about the words. I just enjoyed sticking things down, knowing that The (Not So) Small One was in charge of the recording. I'd do it again tomorrow! in fact, I think I probably will because she has quite a lot to say on the subject of Twizzlers. Seriously, I can highly recommend giving it a go. That Dangerous Notebook I talk about? the one the family agree can be a little bit worrying? I'm passing it round..

You'll find Jot 7 right here

Monday, 15 September 2014

Me On Monday

It was a getting- ready- to -embrace Autumn kind of weekend. A slow cooker using, apple photographing, thinking about blackberry crumble kind of weekend. A nuts and berries harvest thoughts, nesting, homemaking, quilt square admiring, hunkering down kind of a weekend. You know the kind I mean?

And now it's Monday and I have the treat of a chocolate moustache to look forward to (Thought it sort of went with my Western checked shirt, so I decided to get the picture, then just at the last minute I accidentally broke the stick off. ..) It came to me from Deb - thank you! - in a gorgeous quilt square parcel. A September quilt square! Hooray! The Friendship Square swap has been running for some months now and I've been so looking forward to it being my turn. I can't deny it. I've chosen neutral colours for my squares, creams and linens, and I have a plan for a white bedroom I know of. I'm thinking about embroidering the names of everyone involved, each on their own block, to remember.

We did some Autumn eating too. Time for the slow cooker! and a recipe from my other Deb: Deb Turtle's Crockpot Lasgana Soup, which we made on Saturday and which was every bit as delicious as she promised it would be. Perfect for this time of year and right through the winter. Next I need to do something with those shiny red apples. Apple tart? crumble? an upside down cake? 

But  not before I've given everyone a wave this Monday and wished you a good week. Maybe you'll wave back?

Scroll down for the Supplies On  Hand giveaway: it's open until Friday (and read more here at Craft With May)

Friday, 12 September 2014

Supplies On Hand: A Class and A Giveaway (or Two)

Giveaway included. Read on..

Oh wonderful September! Bring me a sweater and call me happy! I like everything about it round here. I'm also mighty fond of October and this year I'm especially looking forward to its arrival. I've been invited to contribute to May Flaum's new Supplies On Hand class, beginning 1st October

It's a stash busting, use up your stuff, desk clearing scrap fest. Sign up for this one and you'll start cutting and sticking, tipping out jars of buttons, sorting journaling cards, throwing put emptied packs. I'm sure of it.

The class will run 1-15th October and will include getting started materials, over 35 new projects, videos, pdfs, a message board, "live craft" events, a gallery and email access to May. There will be a truly inspiring list of scrapbookers (and me) ready with lots of ideas:
Ashli Oliver (all subjects); Lisa Dickinson (alphabets); Paige Evans (buttons, scraps); Ronda Palazzari (stencils);Patricia Roebuck (alphas, stickers, patterned paper); Shimelle Laine (scraps); Sasha Farina (buttons);
Anna-Karin Evaldsson (stamps, dies); Michelle Wooderson (journaling, trims); Mel Blackburn (trims, journaling);
Emma Williams (punches/dies); Sian Fair (paper); and May Flaum (all subjects)

You can check it all out here. Watch May's video, it'll tell you everything you need to know.

And thanks to May I have one class pass to give away today. Leave me a comment here telling me one scrapbooking supply you can't do without and you'll be entered into the draw to win a free seat to Supplies On Hand. The draw will close in a week's time: Friday 19th at 5.00pm GMT. Everyone welcome! Say hello, think about using up that stash!

BUT if you are quick (GO HERE NOW) you can have a second chance to win over at Scrap365. If you get there before Monday and leave a comment telling me which supply you have most of, you'll be entered into the draw there too.

Summer has slipped away from me here. But I'm ready to get down to some serious new season scrapbooking  with Supplies On Hand. Maybe you'll join me?

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