Saturday, 25 April 2015

Scrapbooking April

Ah, April. I pulled out some photos of our Easter table: painted eggs, chocolate eggs, furry yellow chicks, and I made a start on a page. And then, later on in the day, I picked up my book (How To Tell Your Story So The World Listens by Bobette Buster - excellent) and spotted a note about Shakespeare's description of what he called "the uncertain glory of an April day..

which now shows all the beauty of the sun
 And by and by a cloud takes all away"
How perfect!

Whenever I think of what April means to me, I  think about the weather. Because in April I always seem to be wearing the wrong thing. Every year I think it'll be different. Every year I think this'll be it: I'll step out of the house wearing my raincoat - because it's raining - and everyone else will be raincoated up too. And then I discover the rest of the world has gone for tshirts, sandals, even, and they've called it right. The rain stops, the sun comes out, and I'm the only one wrapped in plastic. 

But it does rain in April. I know it does. Because the memory round here we most associate with this time of year - the one remember the time guaranteed to make us smile - happened when it was raining. Actually, it happened because it was raining; and raining so hard we couldn't go outside to play. It was raining so hard that my Mum took pity on the three of us and our new roller skates and offered up her hall carpet in the name of Easter holiday entertainment. We spent an entire week skating up and down the hall, inside, on the carpet, where it wasn't raining.. We have a tiled hall floor in this house. Just in case.

Details, Details

1. Starting with bright colours and some Gossamer Blue flowered prints

2. But deciding to take away some of the pattern, flip the paper over and use the grey as a contrast to make the photo pop. The picture is full of detail, so I don't need lots of pattern too. Then adding yellow, and the "weather" Pinkfresh Studio puffy stickers

3. Moving it all around, keeping the idea of the contrast with a black alpha and black doodled flowers, which I supplemented with some very old rubons (Maya Road, maybe? from about five years ago?) and continuing to build from the top down..which is where I start when I'm not sure where I'm going

4. The finished page also includes some Simple Stories stickers and that pink butterfly, which I had cut with the Slice for another project and discarded at the last minute.Here I'm hoping it helps to hold everything onto that white page. A few MME enamel dots, and that's it. April. 

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Scrapbooking With a Reflective Story Style

Can you make a page in a reflective style? Get It Scrapped asked. Something which shows "an examined life"? And it just so happened that I had spent time, that weekend,  in the town where I grew up. So I made this:

Sian Fair for Get It Scrapped

This is how it is as a teenager, if you live in a little country market town. It rains a lot. The street lights are low and the pavements are slick with slippery leaves, most of the time. The shops aren't right. They sell nothing you want to buy: not the clothes you see in the magazines, not the books you have floating round in your head. And nowhere opens on a Sunday. There is nothing to look at except everything; all at once, all crammed together. Doctor, dentist, Fire Station, Library, ten steps away, almost, in any direction. Peeled paint, green moss crawling up old stone.

And this is what it becomes, in your head, over time: crisp air,, woodsmoke and turf. Horses and green fields on the way into town, the cattle market on the way to the swimming pool. The sawmill right beside the shops, the coal merchants, the showgrounds, the old cinema. Cinema? Feels like an opening scene from an old film. In a good way.

Details, Details

  • The stamp is from a Christmas set by Stampin' Up and the wood veneer by Studio Calico. I'll be sorry to see the end of those farm animals: who'd have though adding wooden roosters would have been so much fun?
  • Using a photo of the town itself would have pulled this page out of my imagination and into the real world. I didn't want that. Does that make sense? I wanted you to imagine the cinema and the sawmill instead of looking at a photo of double yellow lines and boarded up shops (maybe) and other things no child bothers to notice. When I found the photo of the tree stump and remembered our discussion about how we'd remove the roots, I knew I had my title, too. It's all about the roots.
More reflective scrapbooking on the blog at Get It Scrapped

Monday, 20 April 2015

Me On Monday

It was a weekend of wide, open spaces and cramped, inside places. A weekend to throw our faces up to the sun, or bend our heads over our desks

Two of us studied steadily and the other two, the older two, skipped outside into the sunshine (dodging accusations of abandonment), grabbing every chance we could.

So: a deep breath taking, twisty path following, you can do it, marching forward, stopping and starting kind of a weekend.

An oh, that's what a gorse fire looks like and those really are firemen running in this direction weekend. A sorry I forgot to take the salmon out of the freezer, it'll have to be burgers weekend. A yes, we'll talk about your driving licence and what you'd like for your birthday weekend.. A new Paddington film watching, Easter egg finishing, BBQ considering (we didn't), lines of dry washing outside, thinking about packing weekend.

And of course we finished it up with our second Sunday night drive-time of the season. Somewhere with fields they asked for; so I guess that brings us right back to where we started. Wide Open Spaces.

Me On Monday?

In the passenger seat:

Making use of my last couple of days of taxi service. Well, I have to use that boy of mine for something, right? When he's in town I get him to drive me to all the places I need to go where the parking is impossible (that's living in the city for you) . I jump out, he circles, messages done. Although one day last week he texted me to tell me where he had found a space to wait, and, as it turned out, I had left my phone at home. I found him. Eventually. Miles later. Miles and miles later. After I - just for a moment - considered hailing a real taxi, going home and phoning him. No: you're right. Probably not a good idea..

Last week Helena, Alexa, Fiona, Eileen, Jane, Deb, Susanne, Ladkyis, Rinda, Krafty Karen, Julia, Rachel B, and  Gail all gave us a wave. Go on, go wish 'em all the best for the week ahead. Still thinking of you Gail ♥

..and thank you to Michelle who last week left a lovely comment, the thought of which got me going on a Monday morning this week. Have a good one!

Saturday, 18 April 2015

In Which I Find a Reason to Start a New Notebook

I think it came from Paperchase. I know it was a Mothers Day present last year...

knitting socks: a diary

Now it's a Sock Knitting Diary: little bit influenced by all the stunning Planners I'm seeing everywhere, little bit diary, little bit scrapbook...

knitting socks: a diary

..I have stamped on washi tape (and recorded all of our measurements - because we all need new socks, even if some of us are still in denial). I have used punches to vary the size of the pages (just for fun)...

knitting socks: a diary

...I have stapled (because it's nice to keep samples of the yarn and the details from the yarn bands) and stamped ( because it's a great excuse to use all the little Gossamer Blue stamps which haven't yet made it onto layouts) and printed out the photos of my first two pairs...

Knitting socks: a diary

...And I've made notes about where I'm going next. There are so many combinations of stitches and shades: will one notebook be enough?

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Still Sticking a Life Project

"The life of a person is not what happened, but what he remembers and how he remembers it" Gabriel Garcia Marquez 

I spotted this in my notebook the other day and it has stuck with me as I've been putting together a few more pages of my Sort of a Project Life.

Project Life style pages

Because I've been going back to the Me On Monday posts I want to use as a basis for my spreads, and I've been finding myself wanting to change them. Not on the blog, no: I'm not planning on editing posts; but as I lift the pictures and text to turn them into a personal family album I'm finding that I want to add, or even subtract. I want to shift the emphasis slightly, tell the story a different way. Has the story changed?

Project Life style pages

Does every story change with time even if we have already written it down? At the beginning of March our fence blew down. We have good neighbours, and it was easily fixed. But we discovered a whole new story later that week when we stood and chatted over a newly mended fence. The night of the storm, our neighbours had been round at friends, they phoned home to see if the family was alright, they heard about the fence. So their friends asked about us and whether we'd be easy to work with and they named names and the friend said she had lived beside a family with our name, back in the 60's : three girls and a baby boy with black curly hair. They used to knock on the door and ask if they could push that baby up and down in his pram. Well, that's years ago now: that baby's hair is still pretty black, though, and definitely still curly and he's married to me and living in a house with a dodgy fence. Our weekend of making space, as I called it when I first recorded it, had turned into a weekend of discovering just what a small place the world actually is. Same story, different story.

Or how about same story, different pictures?

Project Life style pages

I recorded our pizza meal with Little E in a blog post at the beginning of March; but I didn't use these photos partly because I thought I might keep them for something else. When I went back, of course I realised this is where they belonged. There he is: same story, different pictures. 

That's Sort of a Project Life.

Details, Details

No extra pictures today. Just a couple of quick extras

- That "make stuff" stamp is from Gossamer Blue

- The diecuts are all from one Simple Stories packet

-  My pages are curling as I feed them through the typewriter and that's making them hard to photograph. Either I need to flatten them under something heavy first (no!) or I need to give up trying to force them through the creaking rollers of my old typewriter. This is a possibility. If I break my Dad's machine I'd be sorry. Our printer won't print onto card, so it might be handwriting from now on. We'll see. I'm not caught up 

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